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The Luby's Massacre - Interview with Betty May
Jim Ruddy
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    May describes what she saw and heard during the Luby's massacre
    May talks about her encounter with gunman George Hennard
  • The Luby's Massacre
    On October 16, 1991, George Pierre Hennard drove his 1987 Ford Ranger pickup through the front window of a Luby's restaurant in Killeen, Texas.  Emerging from his truck, the 35 year old Hennard, an unemployed seaman from nearby Belton, Texas, began to open fire on the restaurant's patrons and staff.  Over the course of about fifteen minutes, Hennard shot over 40 individuals, killing 23 and wounding another 20.  Shortly after police arrived and exchanged fire with the gunman, Hennard committed suicide, ending what remains one of the deadliest non-school shooting rampages in American history.  
    A few months after the massacre, "America's Most Wanted," the long-running criminal investigation television program, arrived in Killeen to shoot a special on the Luby's massacre.  The program's departure from its typical format of focusing on the capture of criminals, as well as the producers' decision to film a reenactment of the tragedy, raised the ire of several local community members, including the mayor of Killeen, Major Blair.  The majority of survivors, however, approved of the "America's Most Wanted" special and welcomed the support of host John Walsh.