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The Assassination of President Kennedy, Part II (1978)
Jay Moore
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1978 |
| English
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    Cuban exile Sylvia Odio speaking on her encounter with Lee Harvey Oswald two months before the assassination
    Senator Schweiker on inconsistencies on Oswald's Cuban connection and Oswald's associations with the FBI and CIA
    CIA Operative Antonio Veciana on his meeting with Oswald in Dallas in 1963
    Judge Burt W. Griffin on J. Edgar Hoover and Oswald's relationship to the FBI
    Jack Ruby's history and association with Mafia
    Robert Kennedy's campaign against organized crime
    Witness describes Mafioso Carlos Marcello's attitude and threats toward the Kennedys
    The Mafia and Robert Kennedy's relationship with Jimmy Hoffa
    A series of Mafia murders after men testified or were scheduled to testify
    The Kennedy War on Organized Crime and heated confrontations with Jimmy Hoffa
    Teamster Edward Partin's testimony and fear to show up for an interview for this documentary
    Jack Ruby interview after shooting Oswald and before his death