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Manager's Report November 3, 1994
Kathryn L. Rhoads
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1994 |
| English
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    Texas Parks and Wildlife Life Preserver PSA
    City of San Antonio Promotional Spot
    Earth Share PSA
    Discussion of film industry in San Antonio with Kathy Rhoads and Producer Frank Fischer
    NBA Star David Robinson in Partnership for a Drug-Free Texas PSA
    Latino Citizens Just Vote PSA featuring Latino celebrities such as Tony Plana, Kid Frost, Edward James Olmos, Hector Elizondo, Julie Carmen, and Culture Clash
    NBA Star Johnny Moore in Supplemental Security Income PSA
    Just Vote PSA
    U.S. Education System PSA
    Don't Mess With Texas Anti-Litter PSA
    Will Rodgers Institute Quit Smoking PSA featuring actress Loretta Switt
    Smokey Bear Fire Prevention PSA
    Stop the Violence PSA
    War on Drugs PSA