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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, February, 1963
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Accidents, January 1963 – Silent footage of multiple car accidents, some with fatalities.
    T. Binford, February 12, 1963 – In this short interview clip, former Harris County Sheriff Thomas A. Binford answers questions about his tenure as sheriff from 1919 – 1936. 
    Beating, February 13, 1963 – Silent footage of an unidentified event showing a bandaged man, another man in police custody, and scenes from a neighborhood.
    Bobby Kennedy, February 15 1963 – United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy holds a press conference at his Houston stop on his tour of U.S. Attorney's offices.
    Arsonist, February 15, 1963 – Silent footage of a man being questioned.
    RFK Arrives,  February 15, 1963 – Silent footage of States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy landing in Houston.