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The Texas Division in 1968
Lake Jackson Historical Museum
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    Introduction and overview of management staff of the Dow Chemical Texas Division
    Aerial shots of Plant A and Plant B in Freeport, Texas
    Scenes of harvesting crops as a metaphor of chemical production
    Artist conception of salt dome extracted by Dow in Brazoria County
    Depiction of sea to describe magnesium extract
    Shell Oil Company plant in Sheridan Texas
    Propylene Glycol barrel and Adam's Extract manufacture
    Ruelene show as an insecticide for cattle
    Chemicals shipped from Freeport harbor to Volkswagen Plant in Germany
    Depiction of staff for legal, research, and inspection purposes.
    A large gas turbine for power production
    Depiction of staff clocking in
    Depiction of computing and account systems connected via phone line
    New magnesium plant 
    Products used in lexel for polyurthene shrink wrap.
    German, European, and Japanese competition on the horizon
    Depictions of future expansion plans into Europe
    Ternuezzen, Holland plant
    Depiction of the logos and Houston locations of Dow Chemicals' competitors
    Workers or employees of note and the new projects they are undertaking in 1968