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The Marks Family Films, no. 3 - Starting the Salt Grass Trail Ride (1958)
Milo Marks
  • Map
  • Highlights
    Morning in Brenham
    Riders congregate for the annual Salt Grass Trail Ride
    Actor Hugh O'Brian, star of The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, shakes hands with Emil Henry Marks
    O'Brian mounts his horse
    The first group of wagons and riders depart for Houston
    Bystanders watch the wagon trains go by
    The next wave of cattlemen prepare for departure
    Check out those red chaps!
    Trail riders stop along the road
    Another group of ranchers from all over the state line up to join the trail ride
    And they're off to Houston
    A lone rider remains
    Riders make their way to Houston
    Onlookers watch as the cattlemen make their journey
    A young boy accompanies the ranchers on horseback
    The cattlemen stop and line up along the trail
    Their journey resumes
    Participants perform for the camera