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Outtakes from The Joanne King Show (1971)
Lois Perucca
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    Joanne King (now Joanne King Herring) describes a local petition
    In February 1971, Houston Mayor Louie Welch led a delegation of 17 Houstonians on a mission to Paris, France, to talk with communist diplomats about prisoners of war. (Each member represented one of the 17 Houstonians believed to be held in North Vietnam.) Representatives from Hanoi, the Viet Cong, and the National Liberation Front—in Paris for the ongoing peace talks—all declined Welch's request for a meeting. The Paris Peace Accords were not signed until January 27, 1973.
    King introduces her interview with Count Charles de Chambrun, a French politician who assisted the Houston group in their effort to free prisoners of war
    Another take
    Closing remarks