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Texas Prison System (1955)
Texas Prison Museum
No Sound on Film |
1955 |
| English
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    Members of the Texas Board of Corrections. (L-R) Unknown, French Robertson, Henry S. Paulus, Warren S. Bellows, H. H. Coffield, unknown
    Mr. O. B. Ellis (General Manager of the Texas Prison System), Deanne McAdams (Ellis' secretary), Dr. George Beto, W.W. Cardwell
    O.B. Ellis
    Richard Jones
    Byron Frierson
    A.G. McCain
    New inmates arrive at the Walls Unit in Huntsville
    Guard unlocks door to the "bullring" and searches inmates
    Commissary employee sells items to an inmate
    Inmates drop laundry 
    Inmate showers
    The cell block
    Bunks set up outside of cells due to overcrowding
    Inmate that works as barber cuts another inmate's hair
    An inmate is fingerprinted
    An inmate has his mugshot taken
    Prison doctors gives inmate a shot
    Another doctor draws an inmate's blood
    A doctor checks an inmate's heart
    A dentist examines an imate's teeth
    An inmate has his blood pressure taken
    A doctor and prison employee take x-rays of an inmate
    The prison hospital dorm
    Employee George B. Mears interviews an inmate
    Director of Education for the Texas Prison System, Alonzo Langley, interviews and inmate
    Warden H.E. Moore talks to inmates in auditorium
    Alonzo Langley interviewing inmate
    Leon Hughes
    A.C. Turner
    W. F. Ramsey Unit (then named Ramsey 1 Unit) in Rosharon, Brazoria County
    Line trailers (Ellis buggies) pulled by a Farmall, taking inmates to do farm labor
    Inmate doing industrial labor
    Front exterior of Wynne Unit in Huntsville
    Scenes of prison farms and agricultural facilities
    Front exterior of Central Unit in Huntsville
    Inmates performing various factory jobs
    Thomas Goree Unit in Huntsville
    Inmates performing farm labor and working in various factory jobs
    Retrieve State Farm in Brazoria County
    Warden Gayther Bounds walking away from the Clemens Unit in Brazoria County, of which he was warden
    Inmate before a committee including Warden H.E. Moore
    Inmate before a committee including Leon W. Hughes
    Inmate before a committee including Warden H.E. Moore
    The prison yard at the Walls Unit
    Construction of the Chapel of Hope at the Walls Unit
    Inmates performing various mechanical jobs
    Inmates at Tag Plant at Walls Unit making license plates
    Inmates in chow line and eating in dining hall
    Inmates hoeing and picking cotton 
    Women sewing in the garment factory in the Goree Unit
    Guard searching an inmate
    Leon Hughes on left in front
    Chaplain McKee (L) and Warden H.E. Moore (R)
    Warden Moore with guard at his desk
    Inmate cowboy riding through cattle herd
    Inmates filing into the Chapel of Hope at Walls Unit
    Visiting room at Walls Unit
    Inmate before a committee at Central Unit that includes Warden H.H. Husbands
    Warden Hal Husbands
    Inmate before committee with A.C. Turner (second from right) and Johnny Johnson (second from left)
    Guard tower at Ramsey 1
    Warden C.L. McAdams in center
    Inmate mailing letter at the bulling in Walls Unit
    Inmate baseball game at Walls Unit
    Inmate boxing match at Walls Unit
    Inmates in library
    Inmate orchestra
    Inmates in craft shop
    The Prison Rodeo begins
    H.H. "Pete" Coffield (R) introduces Governor Allan Shivers (L) at the Prison Rodeo
    Inmates working various machines
    Inmates in class and studying
    Inmates in hospital at Walls Unit (working and as patients)
    Guards dorm at Central
    Prison outer building
    Recreation yard on segregation wing at Walls Unit
    Warden Howard Sublet, Wynne Unit
    Deann Crews at her desk with Typewriter and inmate in release clothes
    Inmates leaving on release from Walls Unit
    The End