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Construction of Kemper-Satsuma 18" Pipe Line (1950)
Patricia Ann Morrison
Silent |
1950 |
| English
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    A subsidiary of the Houston-based Humble Oil and Refining Company, the Humble Pipe Line Company was the largest transporter of crude oil in the country even before the construction of the Kemper-Satsuma pipeline. By the end of 1949, it operated more than 3,200 miles of gathering lines and 5,700 miles of trunk lines, connecting facilities across Texas and New Mexico.
    Bulldozers clear the right-of-way
    Planting dynamite
    Pipe is welded into double-length sections at the Cherry Springs and Menard pipe yards
    Developing x-rays on the spot
    Cleaning and priming pipe according to Humble specifications
    Construction of the pipeline introduced several technological innovations, such as the use of a special cement coating on the over river crossings to make the pipe lie stationary.
    Opening ceremony in Satsuma on June 13, 1950
    With only the Kemper Station pumping, the line delivered 85,000 barrels of oil a day.
    Home movie footage of a company picnic at the Humble Pipe Line office in McCamey