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Cat Spring Celebration, Ft. Bend County Farm Bureau Meeting (1956)
Brazoria County Historical Museum
  • Map
  • Highlights
    The Cat Spring Parade begins
    An unusual car
    The 4-H clubs
    A monument to the town's settlement by German pioneers
    Evelyn Strauss Fricke
    Everyone lines up for the barbecue
    Pageant competitors accept their awards
    Welcome to Rue Ranch for the Fort Bend Farm Bureau Meeting
    Kids go for a pony ride
    Sprinklers water the crops in the fields
    Portraits of Dub Black and Snake Bailey are displayed
    The turtle races!
    The kids get a hay ride ranch tour
    Families participate in an amusing ice cream eating contest
    The contest winners proudly pose for the camera
    Rodeo competitions begin
    Three men pose on a large, recently installed water pipe
    On their haunches in the field, men have a discussion