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The Texas Citrus Fiesta and Rio Grande Valley Citrus Industries (1956)
Brazoria County Historical Museum
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  • Highlights
    A bubbly young woman stands by a citrus tree, speaking to the camera
    A skyline of palm trees
    At the citrus orchard of C. B. Curtis, men demonstrate fruit picking
    After the fruit is picked, it's brought to a plant for processing and packing
    The Citrus Fiesta coronation ceremony begins, overseen by the Citrus King in his citrus-decorated robes
    Women in beautiful gowns are escorted to the stage by their dates
    Queen Citrianna is crowned
    The fashion and costume show commences
    Children participate in a costume show, too!
    A queen spends some time with a citrus tree
    Entering Santa Anita Ranch No. 1, "Breeders of Charolaise and Charbray Cattle"
    A rancher waters his fields
    Picturesque scenes of cattle grazing in the sun, hay in the fields, a farmer inspecting his lands