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The Waco Tornado - Tragedy and Triumph
Waco Chamber of Commerce
Color & B/W
  • Map
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    The narrator is Harry Provence, former Editor of Waco Tribune-Herald
    Introduction of Tommy Suites, Jimmy Willis, and Harry Provence
    Opening Credits
    Padgitt Building
    Weather map for May 11, 1953
    Waco Sun Pool and Cotton Palace Coliseum  
    Douglas Manufacturing Plant
    Kady Park
    First National Bank and Dennis Building
    Texas Seed Co. 
    Joy Theater
    Chris's Cafe
    Palace Recreation Hall
    First Responders 
    Rescue of Ms. Lily Matkin, last survivor found in wreckage
    Rain measurements, water and electrical damages
    Graysoil and McCrory's Variety store, evidence of vacuum effect
    Destruction of automobiles
    Procession of memorials at Waco Memorial Park
    Waco Disaster Fund