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The Fourth First Annual Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned Chili Cookoff (1974)
Wallace and Euna Pryor
  • Highlights
    The McCullough Saw Company of Stonewall, TX plays. Band members include Lee McCullough (straw cowboy hat), Valerie Phillips (female vocalist), Roger Wood (the first guitarist to appear), and Butch Coker on drums. Bass player (barely visible) was Carl Weddington of San Antonio.
    Hondo Crouch sits with his coffin that he always had on hand until it was stolen as a prank by two Luckenbach regulars who, somewhat fortuitously, did not return the coffin to Crouch before he died suddenly of a heart attack in 1976. The unused coffin can still be seen at the Luckenbach General Store. 
    Crouch with Janie Schofield, "Allegani Jani," wearing her 2nd place ribbon. Jani is an artist, the first woman to win World's Championship Chili Cookoff (1974), and was the wife of beloved Luckenbach character Tex Schofield, "St. Schofield the Divine," who emceed many of Hondo's chili cook-offs.
    A gun show that includes a performance by trick shooter Joe Bowman, also called "The Straight Shooter." Bowman was a Texas legend and WWII hero who trained Hollywood actors to shoot pistols, notably working with Robert Duval to prepare for his role in Lonesome Dove.
    Texas chili cookoff regular Charlie Throop holds the microphone for Bowman