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Showcase for the Nation: The Story of Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson's Beautification Program
LBJ Library & Museum
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    At the LBJ Ranch in Stonewall, Texas
    Lady Bird Johnson assembles the Committee for a More Beautiful Capital in 1965 at the White House
    The committee takes tours on the Potomac River to survey the landscape and consider what needs improvement
    Thousands of azaleas and cherry trees are donated to Lady Bird's beautification cause
    Children enjoy playground equipment sent to Lady Bird from the First Lady of Mexico, Guadalupe Borja
    Lady Bird accepts the "towering jet of water" at Haines point
    A daffodil bulb planting festival on Columbia Island
    Lady Bird dedicates the landscaping of a Washington school complex at Terrell Junior High
    Lady Bird, Roberta Brooke Russell, of the Vincent Astor Foundation, and the committee develop a playground for the Buchanan School in Washington, D.C.
    The committee launches Project Trailblazers in 1967, a work-study program
    Watts Branch Park
    The downtown business district
    New York Avenue in Washington, D.C. is re-landscaped
    June 1966 and 1968, Annual Beautification Awards Ceremonies at the White House
    The First National Youth Conference on Natural Beauty
    The First Lady announces passage of the act establishing the Redwood National Park in California
    Lady Bird travels the nation to inspire others to make beautification a reality in their home towns
    The Columbia Island Project is dedicated and renamed after Lady Bird