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Ray Jelinek Collection, no.1 - Houston Fire Department Presents - Incendiary Bombing and Fire Defense School
Jan Valentine
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    Title Card: Houston Fire Department Presents
    Title Card: Incendiary Bombing and Fire Defense School
    Title Card: With world conditions as they are today, it is our duty to organize and equip ourselves now... To meet any emergency with these things in mind... We offer all citizens the opportunity to avail themselves of the facilities of this school... We welcome you.  Sincerely, Frank E. Mann
    Title Card: This picture dedicated to the people of Houston with the hope that they will never have to use any of the following information
    Title Card: Off to New York for War Gas and Bombing Instructions
    Names of Firefighters who appear in this film: Commissioner Frank E. Mann, District Chief D.W. Heath, Captain H.L. Mathews, Captain F.E. Jaynes, Lieutenant J.P. Clooney, and Theo Felds
    Firefighters boarding plane to New York
    Views from airplane
    Fire College in New York
    Men looking at fire fighting boat
    Title Card: Comm. Mann Opens Fire Defense School
    Comm. Mann giving opening speech at Fire School
    Title Card: Lieutenant Clooney lectures on bombs
    Lieutenant Clooney lecturing on bombs to (possibly) servicemen
    Title Card: The Thermite Bomb
    Demonstration of Thermite Bomb
    Title Card: Oil Bomb
    Showing and talking about oil bombs
    Title Card: The Calling Card
    Talking about and demonstrating 'The Calling Card'
    Title Card: Liquid Fire
    Demonstrating Liquid Fire
    Title Card: War Gas
    Discussing mustard gas and treatment
    Title Card: Gas Mask Instructions
    Giving Gas Mask Instructions
    Demonstration of gas masks in gas chamber
    Title Card: Women's City Club Attends School
    Women's City Club attends fire school
    Women trying on gas masks
    Men coming out of building on fire truck
    Women coming out of building on fire truck
    Man in fire suit demonstrating a rescue