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Butter Krust Advertisement
Bernice Reynolds
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    Butter Krust Jingle
    The Story Of Butter Krust - The Book!
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    Did you hear what the lady said when she named her favorite bread?
    I said ButterKrust is a favorite family must.
    Do you know what the lady knew, that ButterKrust is good for you.
    Better buy ButterKrust, make it your family must. Buy ButterKrust bread like the lady said.
    Yes, friends, we like to talk about ButterKrust, and we even like to sing about it too.
    For ButterKrust is baked with quality ingredients in one of the finest bakeries in the country.
    Your ButterKrust bakers are so proud of their fine bakery, that they have prepared this 24 page illustrated booklet telling all about the baking of this quality bread.
    Write for your free copy now, and learn how this fine bread is baked.
    Remember too, a ButterKrust route man services your store each weekday.
    The blue gingham ButterKrust wrapper is your assurance of fresh, flavorful bread whenever, wherever you buy it.