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A. M. Harper, Cloud-Land Elk
Melissa Mellard
  • Map
  • Highlights
    Opening credits to Cloud-Land Elk
    Packing jeeps for a hunting trip to Colorado
    Vehicles packed and beginnig the journey to Colorado
    Entering New Mexico sign
    New Mexico and Texas state line
    Traveling in Raton, NM
    Blue Star Memorial Highway marker in Colorado
    Entering Colorado sign
    Colorado landscape while traveling to hunting cabin
    Country Club Motel
    Colorado scenery and wild life
    Horseback riding
    Snow on vehicles and the surrounding landscape
    Men getting ready and checking weapons for hunting expedition
    Using horse to pull deceased elk closer to the hunting cabin
    Driving the Colorado terrain in a jeep, picking up elk to take back to the cabin
    Men posing in front of the hunted elk
    Traveling in Trinidad, CO, heading back home
    Leaving New Mexico and entering Texas