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Mystery Video
Help TAMI identify an unusual parade where people march wearing masks and hoods
Help us identify the players and coaches in this video of the 1969 UT Longhorns.
Help TAMI identify the singing acts from a 1960s concert!
Help us identify the UFW civil rights event attended this mass was a part of!
It's a Merry Mystery Video for the holiday season! This month, watch newsreel footage from a Children's Christmas party at the Johnson White House and help us identify the attendees.
A band, ladies and Lone Star, a cowboy gun show, and Hondo Crouch with a coffin! Help the Archive tell this very Texan story.
Help us fill in the gaps of a story featured in a Universal Newsreel!
Help TAMI identify the theater and persons present at a screening of 'Stars Over America' in San Antonio circa 1965.
Introspective Cage