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TAMI Founder and Executive Director Dr. Caroline Frick discusses her interest in Melton Barker's "The Kidnappers Foil"
TAMI's Madeline Fendley discusses her experience with Dr. Freeman and introduces new videos with audio segments of Dr. Freeman, recorded in 2012
Rare 9.5mm amateur films from Corpus Christi, preserved by TAMI, have been named to the National Film Registry
View last year's winners on the archive and catch this year's competition at CLAIFF
Press release for the announcement of the addition of "The Kidnappers Foil" to the National Film Registry
Learn more about Ramon Galindo, tailor, magician, filmmaker and TAMI contributor. His film, "A Day of Horror," will be featured in October's Sprocket Society screening.
TAMI launches a new website devoted to one of our favorite itinerent filmmakers, Melton Barker
Check out our newest collection of rare 1910s and 1920s films from the Texas coastal region preserved in part by a grant from the NFPF
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