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The Stroud Collection

Donor Suzanne Stroud Santo tells the story of the films in this collection: "My family owned the Texan Theatre in Hamilton, Texas. During the Depression, a fellow from Hollywood, down on his luck, sold my grandfather his film equipment. Grandpa would go to community events in Hamilton County and film them, then develop them and have a "showing" to promote business." The family also owned the 281 Drive-In Theatre, the first Drive-In in Texas to install a swimming pool.

Footage of traditional Native American dancers
Footage of a Texan family's vacation to New Orleans
Footage of the Old Settlers' Reunion parade in Hico, TX
Footage of a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico
Footage of a U.S. Army Pilot Program event, possibly a...
Footage of Hamilton County's high school sports teams
A young girl dressed for a party shows off her extensi...
Introspective Cage