Unedited KPRC-TV news coverage about the debate surrounding Dr. Nikki Van Hightower as Women's Advocate
Series of unedited news segments for Houston's KPRC-TV, including a brief interview with acclaimed journalist Dan Rather
KPRC-TV news footage of a press conference with NASA astronauts Gus Grissom, John Glenn, and Deke Slayton
KPRC-TV news segment about George Noisom, a former Hollywood actor and stunt double living near Dallas
Special broadcast for Houston's KPRC-TV featuring a tour of the White House by curator James Roe Ketchum
Series of unedited news segments from KPRC-TV, including coverage of the birth of a litter of lion cubs at the Houston Zoo
President Richard Nixon talks football during a rally for senatorial candidate George H. W. Bush and Texas gubernatorial nominee Paul Eggers
Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy talks about the state of organized crime in Texas and the role of local authorities