Home video of a team of farmers threshing wheat at the Gerald Furr Farm in Rhea Mills, Collin County
WFAA-TV news segment about schoolchildren visiting the Bain-Honaker House in Farmersville to learn about turn-of-the-century living
Home movie of hang gliders flying over Air Park-Dallas Airport in Collin County
Home movie of parachuters and a stunt plane at an air show in Collin County
Interview with Jackie Martin Kaptan, the trainer who handled Soccer the dog on the set of "Wishbone"
Interview with Dallas-based actors and "Wishbone" cast members Randy Moore and Sharon Bunn
Footage of Wishbone (Soccer the dog) being dressed as d'Artagnan from "The Three Musketeers"
Interview with Rick Duffield, the series creator and executive producer of "Wishbone"