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Exciting News! New Company To Revive VHS and VCR

Texas Archive of the Moving Image (TAMI) is excited to announce we have learned about a new company that will begin selling affordable and portable VCR players as soon as this summer!

The newly designed devices are expected to cost under $50, and will allow people to view their old VHS tapes that they’ve saved all these years.

“The best part of this news is there is no more need for digitization. This new gadget is a game changer. Let’s home something similar is in the works for all those old film reels,” said TAMI Managing Director Elizabeth Hansen.

After VHS, came LaserDisc, DVD,  and Blue-ray.  Believe it or not, the last VCRs were manufactured in 2016. But hardly any families have used them in years. They were most popular in the 1980s, after debuting in Japan in the late 70s.

This new idea will let people take their VHS with them anywhere and connect to their phone to watch their favorite films or home movies. It can be used anywhere, on the bus, airplanes, anywhere you can bring your phone! 


Can you imagine? APRIL FOOLS! 

VHS and VCRs are things of the past! If you still have VHS or film reels, let us help you!

Those tapes have an estimated life of 10-60 years and since playback equipment is NOT being produced anymore. The life span of these tapes could be even shorter if there is no way to play them back.

It’s more important than ever to digitize your content before it’s lost forever. You can digitize up to 20 VHS tapes for free via TAMI’s Texas Film Round-Up program.


Click this link (it’s REAL, no more joking!) to preserve those memories.

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