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Archive Dive Features Liz Carpenter, Legendary Texas Journalist and Friend of LBJ

There was no one like Liz Carpenter. Her wit, humor, and no-nonsense style took her from Texas to The White House. Carpenter served as the first woman executive assistant to Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson, and then as press secretary for First Lady Lady Bird Johnson. Carpenter was a prominent member of the Johnson White House and also a close personal friend of the Johnsons.

October 4 at 6PM, Carpenter's daughter Christy will join us to discuss the family's films, news coverage and speeches. Ms. Carpenter is currently working on a book that not only highlights the work of her famous mother and her career alongside LBJ and Lady Bird Johnson, but shares the important contributions of her father and the model political partnership they lived. Tune in on Facebook, YouTube Live, or Twitch.

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