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TAMI is excited to announce the launch of our new website for all things Melton Barker and The Kidnappers Foil,  The site highlights TAMI's collection of Barker films, as well as the extensive research on Barker's life and work done by TAMI Founder and Executive Director Dr. Caroline Frick and Dwight Swanson, a moving image archivist.  

One goal of the website is to highlight Melton Barker's prolific career by visually illustrating his reach both in his home state of Texas and across the United States. On the Film Search page, a map pinpoints the location of each known Kidnappers Foil production. You can see from the hundreds of red dots that Barker covered a large part of the country, filming kids everywhere he went!  

On the Watch page, you can view the few exisiting digitized versions of Barker's films. In addition to those from the TAMI collection, you can also view Kidnappers Foil films from the Nebraska State Historical Society and the Oklahoma Historical Society, as well as Barker's That's The Last Straw! from the Minnesota Historical Society.

The Community page provides an area where cast members, their families, and fellow Barker enthusiasts can exchange their stories and memories. We hope this leads to new stories and discoveries and provides the opportunity for those involved with these productions to reconnect.  

We are thrilled to tell the fascinating story of this obscure Texan filmmaker as his work is recognized by the Library of Congress with the addition of the 1930s Childress version of The Kidnappers Foil to the Library of Congress's National Film Registry.


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