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The Texas Film Round-Up Travels to Amarillo
The Texas Film Round-Up Travels to Amarillo

Help Save Texas History from the Summer Heat

with the Texas Archive of the Moving Image


Texans' Home Movies are History

AUSTIN, Texas, May 27, 2014 /Texas Archive of the Moving Image/ - Texans have recorded their lives, and subsequently, cultural history, on film since the 1890s, but films and videos are fragile and impermanent. Many people do not understand the value of their home movies as historical records that document the social history of the 20th-21st century, telling the story of our lives from the citizen's perspective. The Texas Archive of the Moving Image (TAMI) works to rescue these moving images and showcase their unique contribution to our state's cultural history. TAMI extends the life of Texas moving image history through preservation, education, and free digitization services.

TAMI will host the Texas Film Round-Up in Amarillo June 19-21 at the Downtown Amarillo Public Library at 413 E 4th St. Through a partnership with the Texas Film Commission, the Texas Film Round-Up provides free digitization for Texas films and videos, including home movies, industrial films, educational films, advertisements, local television, and other films in an effort to preserve Texas media heritage. To qualify for free digitization, participants must be willing to donate a digital copy of their materials to TAMI's archive, a digital collection at

TAMI urges potential donors to dig their films and videos out of their attics, sheds, or garages and bring them to the Texas Film Round-Up for free digitization. Many people have long forgotten their family films or videos and have no way to discover their content now that those media formats are obsolete. This is the chance to find out what is on their reel or VHS at no cost.

TAMI also collects copies of films that are already digitized. Some families have the resources to digitize their home movie collections, but they can still be a part of Texas history by donating this media to the Archive. 

The Texas Archive of the Moving Image, a nonprofit organization, discovers, preserves, makes accessible, and serves community interest in Texas film heritage. By partnering with institutions and individuals across the state, TAMI digitizes and provides web access to thousands of moving images that offer insight to Texas history and culture.  Over a thousand of these films are available to view on the TAMI website, More information about TAMI can be found by contacting (512) 485-3073.


Contact: Sarah Marshall

Texas Archive of the Moving Image


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