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Mystery Video: August 2014


This month's Mystery Video comes to the Archive from the Ryan-Martin Collection. Shot sometime in the early 1960s, this home movie captures footage of a concert in what is likely San Angelo, Texas. The concert appears to take place upon the opening of a housing development, named Vista or Lake Vista, and many performers take the stage. A handsome young singer, a song-and-dance couple, and guitar-playing sisters all appear in fantastic costumes! Scenes of several performances are included, as well as the singers signing autographs and posing for photos with children. Do you remember this concert? Do you know when and where it took place? Most importantly, do you recognize any of the acts? We would love to identify some of the talent!

If you want to contribute this month, please leave any information in the comments on the video page or by using our TAMI Tagging system to give us a precise time code for your information. Click on TAMI Tagging and a box will appear for you to enter your descriptive information. Use the Mark Video Segment feature below the video player to add a Begin and End mark to the segment you wish to tag.  Finish by clicking the Tag button.  Because tags and comments are moderated, they will not appear immediately, but information will be updated as soon as possible after receiving your input.

Tell us what you see and check back next month as we continue the mystery video series! Remember, you can always help us to identify details by tagging or commenting on any video page.  

Happy tagging and commenting!



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