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Mystery Video: April 2014


This month's Mystery Video gives you a real behind-the-scenes look at the research process at TAMI. Here is a rundown of our clues! This home movie came to us with no label or accompanying information. The donor told us that she grew up in Houston, but this film was not taken there. The other films in the collection are from the 1960s, so we can assume this one is also from that decade. The home movie begins in front of a restaurant, Los Jacales. There is a restaurant with that name in Laredo, Texas, but the mountains in the background do not match the flat landscape we know to exist in Laredo. All of the signs lining the streets are in Spanish, so there is a chance the family was visiting Mexico. The real mystery begins when the parade starts. The imagery is very eerie and somewhat surreal. The white hooded figure on a horse instantly shocked us and made us think "KKK," but then we noticed a corresponding black hooded figure in front of him, playing yin to his yang, so the two figures must have some other significance. Other characters in the parade include a king on a float, men dressed as religious figures around a fire in a carriage, and many people marching in an array of masks and costume hats. What type of parade or procession is this? Do you recognize this city? Have you ever attended this parade?

If you want to contribute this month, please leave any information in the comments on the video page or by using our TAMI Tagging system to give us a precise time code for your information. Click on TAMI Tagging and a box will appear for you to enter your descriptive information. Use the Mark Video Segment feature below the video player to add a Begin and End mark to the segment you wish to tag.  Finish by clicking the Tag button.  Because tags and comments are moderated, they will not appear immediately, but information will be updated as soon as possible after receiving your input.

Tell us what you see and check back next month as we continue the mystery video series! Remember, you can always help us to identify details by tagging or commenting on any video page.

Thanks for helping us identify history!



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