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Flip Your Classroom With TAMI

What is a FLIPPED classroom?

A flipped classroom is a new didactic approach that moves instruction from the classroom to an individual setting. Instead of the traditional model of a teacher lecturing during class to teach important material, students will learn and understand content on their own time using online resources, such as streaming videos from websites and/or podcast and vodcasts. This new model makes students' time in class more activity-centered and promotes inquiry-based learning, enhancing student engagement and comprehension.

What does FLIP stand for?

Flexible environment

Students use a variety learning styles through diverse means of assessment (i.e., instruction occurs outside of class and class time becomes more activity/assessment driven.

Learning culture

Student-centered communities of learning replace old paradigms and focus on students' inquiry-based learning.

Intentional content

Learning content becomes more convenient for students. Online materials and videos are used and made easily accessible to students (e.g., have students explore the thousands of archived videos and educational resources available at to understand key issues related to U.S. and Texas history).

Professional educator

The teacher is reflective, accessible and collaborates with others to improve the learning community and make students play a more active role in their education.

How can I use the Texas Archive of the Moving Image's resources in my FLIPPED classroom?

It's easy. Given that there are thousands of free primary and secondary source audiovisual materials that have been thoroughly researched and available online, simply ask your students to explore and learn about a variety of topics using our digital library on their own time. Thousands of social studies topics are easily searchable and comprehensively explained. Encourage them to research topics from our site. Then, use our lesson plans and activities in class as engaging content assessments. 

Research topics for a Flipped classroom

Students can easily research a variety of topics using the Texas Archive of the Moving Image's website. Also, feel free to use our in-depth lesson plans in or outside of class.

Sample list of topics to assign students to research:


"The Flipped Learning Model: Executive Summary,"

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