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Dispatch: January 2014

In January, the Texas Archive of the Moving Image took the Texas Film Round-Up to San Angelo! The Archive screened films during the History Harvest, an all day event sponsored by Humanities Texas, to kick off the Round-Up, which will wrap up on February 1, 2014. The Round-Up is already a success with 300 films and videos donated the first day!

TAMI's Caitlin McColl presented at the Discovering Texas History Conference at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin on January 23rd. McColl gave an exciting presentation to a packed room of Texas educators about using archival film footage in the classroom as primary resources. She also discussed TAMI's lesson plans that incorporate TEKS objectives for the Texas History classroom.


TAMI was featured in several places around the web last month:


The top five videos in the Archive last month were:

1. Local Business Sponsored Film of Eagle Lake, Texas (1962)

2. Tyler, Texas – Where Life is Enjoyable (1955)

3. Matthew McConaughey Returns to Longview - Interview with McConaughey's Fans (1996)

4. The Frick 70s Collection, no. 11 - Texas Renaissance Festival 1

5. Shield Over Dallas



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