KPRC-TV Tape Inventory
Click here to view the KPRC-TV Tape Inventory Google Sheet.

About the Tape Inventory

This spreadsheet describes a selection of the KPRC-TV videotapes that the Texas Archive has previously digitized. It is currently incomplete. We will update the spreadsheet as we go. Data includes the TAMI file number, format, the tape spine label, and the tape face label, the last of which comprises broadcast date, newscast, tape timecode, slug (name given to a story for newsroom use), and segment duration. We have also given some of the news segments basic keywords, as well as identified any associated persons and locations. This information too is incomplete, but will be updated as we go. 

While the full tape content is currently unavailable to stream, we have produced more than 100 separate video segments that are. These files have their own file numbers, listed in the "TAMI Segment File Number" column. Those numbers link to the video segment's page on the Texas Archive website. 

For inquiries about a specific segment or tape, please email us at and include the TAMI file number.


Signing on the air on January 1, 1949, KPRC-TV is the oldest television station in Houston and the second-oldest station in Texas. At the time of its first broadcast, the station was known as KLEE-TV. It changed its call letters in 1950 upon its purchase by the Hobby family.

This 1968 television documentary goes behind the scenes of Houston's KPRC-TV, looking back at the station's history as well as highlighting the function of different units or departments.