Rodolfo R.G.Z, Salazar
2016-02-04 18:07:39
I"m the 6th boy coming out of the door on the first sequence Our Lady of Guadalupe School Seguin, Texas.
Julie Herzik Matus
2015-12-17 00:33:47
That is a neat video. I went to school in Dubina and St. Rose in Schulenburg, then Bishop Forest High School in Schulenburg. But I was born in 1951, so this was just a tad before my time!? Thanks, Julie
Rodolfo R.G.Z. Salazar
2015-02-03 22:50:01
Juan that is a magnificent fine that you have made. and a most grateful thank you to The John and Alois Morkovsky Collection no. 16. In it I see my self and all of my school mates that were with me from 1944 thru 1950. Splendid footage and unequalled. Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School Seguin, Texas. All of those girls sure look beautiful. God bless you God bless them and God bless America.
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