Dean Cowger
2016-07-31 00:48:36
Soon after the release, and seeing 'THE ALAMO' movie numerous times, I talked my folks into visiting the set. I was about 11 or 12. I was in awe at walking the same streets as John Wayne and how the movie was made. I have a photo of who I think is Johnny Rodriguez singing in the Cantina. Later in life, around age 25, My family visited friends is San Angelo. We made a special trip back to the set. I was rather disappointed as to the way it had not been kept up. I wish some one would restore the entire set and reopen for tourists. Now at age 65, I would make a special trip to revisit, probably my last vacation, and remember the way it was from my earlier trips.
Arthur Robinson
2015-05-04 04:51:10
i have just caught up with this biog of 'THE DUKE',some people seem to not like him,why i dont know,what ever his feelings or beliefs were,he was one of,if not the best actor of his genre to portray the solid (american)stallwart,'i wont have no wrong done to me,and i wont do any wrong'not the right saying from 'THE SHOOTIST',but close enough.the man was and is 'A LEGEND'.in the truest sense of the word.
2015-04-26 03:07:25
Just finished watching the movie 'The Alamo'. From what I"ve learned, there are a few historical errors, but aren"t there always with cinematic efforts in the historical genre. What I"ve found is that people now a days, really HATE John Wayne and everything he stood for. What a shame! One must really HATE a dead man so much in order to say or write the things they do. I mean, even when I was a Marxist and an evolutionist, I didn"t hate anyone as much as some HATE John Wayne. The only actor I know of that draws as much vitriol and contempt is Charlton Heston. All Texans should 'REMEMBER THE ALAMO!'
Peder Gustawson
2012-10-14 18:12:42
I love this movie!Though riddled with errors it is the only movie that has been able to catch the Spirit of the Alamo!
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