2019-08-24 07:20:58
This is why I am angry with Warner Home Video when they officially released the 1966-68 BATMAN series from Greenway Prods and 20th Century Fox TV, they did a lousy job in failing to secure rare material like this footage and many other items, as BATMAN was a main event item of 1966, and they should"ve secured the ABC promos and the footage from ABC"s 'HOLLYWOOD PALACE' where Adam West appeared as both Batman and himself, along with 'THE MILTON BERLE SHOW' where Batman and The Green Hornet also appeared together, and the absence of these rare Bat-media items did not make the DVD and BluRay release of the series very effective, but Warners seems to not be so good at really great special features for vintage shows like this!
Rosimeire moreira leal
2014-12-10 14:45:42
Olá estou muito feliz e maravilhoso essas Bat raridades vcsnao vao acreditar eu tenho fotos originais de Batman e Robim dessa serie desse epoca e incrivel saber q tenho esse tesouro!!!!!em preto e branco !!!!!hahahahaha
Gord Symons
2014-10-17 03:58:26
Jeffrey Alley
2014-01-16 17:15:39
Holy remenicence Batman.
Percy Doventosils
2013-03-21 00:13:47
Great stuff!
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