Mike Simpson
I sang in their show in the mid-1950s as "Little Mikey Lassiter"! I got to sit next to Don Mahoney on a bale of hay during each show. I hope you have episodes recorded during that era. Thank you for your hard work in preserving such things.
Nita C Eppes
2018-12-28 17:25:36
I sang many times on the Don Mahoney show. It was fun and they always gave a carnation Ice cream cup afterwards.
Carol Brandon
2018-09-30 05:15:24
I remember going over to the station numerous times with my grandpa 'Tex' and sitting in the background several times with my brother. When my grandmother passed away I went to channel 39 to see if someone could let them know, and to my dad"s surprise both Don and Jeanna both showed up for the service.
Bobbie Whited
2018-04-26 02:16:48
I have tried many times to find videos of Don Mahoney and Jeanna Claire Show with me dancing as a child and I believe my mom danced one time with me. Please help me with this I think it was in 1976. My name was Bobbie Mata and my mom was Barbara Mata.
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