Phillip Crawford Jr
2019-05-18 14:50:43
'Sam Hoover was a two-term mayor in Pasadena, Texas and a prominent criminal defense attorney but beneath the respectable front lurked a sociopathic thug. The FBI identified Hoover as an associate of Biaggio Angelica who was among the top mobsters in the Lone Star State, and Hoover"s principal racket during the 1950s and into the mid-1960s was running an interstate burglary crew comprised largely of teen boys with whom he was sexually involved. The wise guys were fully aware of Hoover"s taste for troubled boys -- many of whom he kept in living quarters dubbed "the dog house" behind his own residence -- and that Hoover was fully immersed in Houston"s lively gay nightlife. However, Hoover"s sexual proclivities never seemed to undermine his underworld position.' -- from 'Queer Joints, Wiseguys and G-Men' by Phillip Crawford Jr.
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