Casey Waite (son of Vickie)
my mother died in the fire and not one person cared. During the news all they talked about was the damage done to property's and how the insurance company's wanted their money. After asking for the responsible party to come forward, no one would. At first Blue Bonnet electric(i was told) had offered up its insurance money and that was it? That the company would not take responsibility for the loos of my mother Vickie keenan(shaw). At this time i was living in California and the news made me call the lawyer. He was terrible as well and simple explained how I must go along with this to get anything at all and that my clam was no clam? That the insurance clams fare exceeded the Blue Bonnet pay out and i get nothing for my mother.Then after a tossing back and fourth the tree trimming company came into play , then they found child pornography involved in the head employee at the time of the fire(i was told) and now that they had this evidence on him that Asplundh tree service would also pay the same amount as Blue Bonnet did? But this also was not enough money to pay off all the insurance clams and i was told i would be getting 0.0 of the total. 0.01% is the worth of my mother? and to this day i asked who did this? and not one calmed the death of my mother nobody no company said any clam to her death what so ever. I said," I don't want the money," and I wont take a simple hundred thousand for my mothers death when I knew they had paid a combined 700 million on his clam. My lawyer said that I as holding up the money for all the peoples property and no one was going to make clam to her death . so I said," I don't want to sign, and I told everyone in Texas I didnt want to sign anything till someone tell me who was at fault for her death. My lawyer said i get nothing if i dont sighn and forced me to sign papaers i never antd to sign all for peoples clams that never even happened. Most of the clams were far more then hat damage they really had. Many people were payed from my mothers death that never would have> because it was the loss of life that made the fire important to us not property for this fire would be like all the rest. what made this a much more thing and a reason to even pursue a lawsuit was the loss of life, and they did nothing for it. The lawyers and judges each took the money for 3 mounts and held i,t and it passed the hands of many, each taking their 3 mouth time with it before it was released form the interest bearing accounts just to give my mother vickie 0.01% of the clam I was born in Texas and I am ashamed of it knowing they never cared for me as a Texan or my family. Even to this very day they are not telling the story accurate.
Yvette Steele
My mother in law was Vickie Keenan Sad thing is that the insurance did not value human life. They said property was worth more than a human life. After the insurance paid for all the loss property of these people on the film, they paid for human life 0.006%. No money will ever bring a life back. Insurance can replace property damage but do not value human life at all. Blue bonnet electric had a 35 million insurance but passed the buck to asplundh tree trimming company. Blue bonnet sued asplundh which asplundh plaid blue bonnet 35 million to pay for damage but evaluated human life was not a priority over insurance for property. After the class action law suite the passing of the money continued for 2 years to pass from one person account to another. Each official taking their piece of this national disaster. This video saddens me by the lack of empathy for the lives loss. Material possession mean more to theses people then human lives. Shame on you Texas for caring about you stuff. Lives were loss, but you do not care.
Introspective Cage