Donna Moffitt
2019-09-13 21:39:51
I remember Carla very well. The eye went right over my grandmothers house in Houston. Close to the heights. We went outside to look around and us kids played in the flooded back yard. Then the wind started blowing again and we were shuffled back indoors. I was only 5 so I don"t remember the storm blowing outside. My parents had a house on Caney Creek south of Sargent. It was leveled. Remember going to ck on it after the storm. My dad had to wade in waist deep water to a point he could see if it was still there. We mean while sat in the car. I remember all the dead cows and the mosquitos were unreal. Our legs were covered in blood from slapping them and scratching. No AC in car so we HAD to have the windows open. I remember crying because it itched so bad. Later I remember they bulldozed the dead cows, trees and piled old tires on them. The old tires helped the piles burn completely down plus the smoke helped with mosquitos. There were piles of dead cows and tires everywhere
Leonard McCown
2019-05-04 14:18:46
Fantastic memory jogger. I am from Port Lavaca, and my family lived there out of town on the Seadrift highway. We left on Saturday, on my 19th birthday and headed inland. What a way to begin my sophomore year at Victoria College. Scary, and high anxiety. I was born about two weeks after the 1942, and was too young to remember the 1945 when Mama and I went to Victoria. Daddy was in the war onboard a ship in the Pacific. We packed pictures and a few valuables, loaded the pets and left. Our home was damaged a little, but livable and we were lucky. I would not want to stay through one, but do read about those who did.
Christie Latham
2019-05-01 13:18:28
I was born that Monday morning, September 11th, 1961 in Methodist Hospital downtown Houston. My momma tells of windows being blown out while in labor/delivery with me.
Kelli Fairchild Webb
2018-09-24 15:15:59
Wow, that"s my Dad, Ken Fairchild. What a treasure.
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