Larry I
2016-08-02 19:02:58
As we in Fort Worth say, 'If Fort Worth is "Where the West Begins" then Dallas must be where the East peters out.'
Angela Bolton
2016-01-06 22:48:03
I"m a transplant and moved here only a couple of years ago, but I"ve never lived anywhere that made me happier. It"s funny how much has changed since this video, and funny how little has changed as well. I love this city!
2016-01-05 19:42:51
Though I"ve been gone from there since 1978, I still love and recall the many fond childhood memories of Ft. Worth. No place on Earth like Cowtown. ?
Sue Penrod
2016-01-04 23:30:48
My hometown. Although I live somewhere else and have no close family living in Ft. Worth, it will always be close in my heart. Many, many close friends stay in touch with me.
Shirley Moffatt
2016-01-03 18:01:32
I am privileged to know some lovely people who live here. God Bless Fort Worth and its residents.
2016-01-03 08:42:56
It"s 'Where he West Begins'!
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