Matt Anderson
2017-08-01 18:43:51
I loved Skull Island. That was my favorite attraction. Does anyone remember a ride called the 'Flying Jenny?' It was horse or mule that pulled kids around in a circle.
Ben von Bose
2017-06-10 19:17:50
The stagecoach was before my time, but I remember the tree slides very well, and I"ll always miss the Big Bend rollercoaster, and Spindletop (it would spin fast, pinning you to the wall, then the floor would drop away!) My older brother told me there used to be pirate caves somewhere in there, too! Good times, man.
Candy Poole Phillips
2017-02-09 18:56:13
I worked on LaSalle"s Riverboat Ride the summer of 1965 as a French riverboat girl. I met Billy Ray Phillips who was a Confederate soldier and performed the rifle drill for the live show around the park. We have been married for 51 years, have three children and seven grandchildren. Wonderful memories of Six Flags.
Richard York
2016-07-30 05:10:42
I took a date to here back in 66 or 67 and just about everything we rode went wrong. When we went to Skull Island the raft we were on caught fire half way to the island, and everybody had to abandon it and swim. The Log Ride for some reason the water level became low and when the log we were in came to the splash area at the bottom of the last drop our log rolled over trapping my date under it until it was lifted off of us. Last thing we rode was the Roller Coaster and when it was going up one of the big hills the cars behind our car broke free and went down the hill. I guess a safety or something kicked in as the all the rest of the cars suddenly stopped. This stop was so sudden that I got my leg cut. When I climbed out of the car, I started helping other people out. My date got mad because she thought that everybody should have helped them selves. After that we decided we should go home.
Claudia Stooksberry
2016-07-17 02:41:17
I remember our 9th grade graduation trip to Six Flags in May of 1971. TC Marsh Jr. High
Diane Pannell
2016-07-16 03:01:50
I"ll bet Six Flags is the best memory any one has ever had. Something you never forget, your first trip!
Donald Sanders
2016-07-15 16:20:58
I worked there in 1966,on the barge that traveled to 'Skull Island'. The people I worked with were great. It was quite an experience.
Lee Anne GIerisch
2016-07-15 03:56:35
I was born the very day that Six Flags opened...August 5th, 1961! Every Year I could not wait to go and in my teens we all had season passes! I do not remember the Stagecoach ride...but EVERYthing else brings back such FANTASTIC MEMORIES!! Pink Things, the spindletop, loved Casa Magnetica, the sombrero and the Fiesta Train! I can still hear tha t song! La la la la la la, Fiesta!
Arro Smith
2016-07-14 04:33:13
You would park your car in the morning and enjoy the day--and then when you were ready to leave a brand new SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS sticker was on your back bumper. If you had an old sticker, they would have scraped it off and replaced it. I especially enjoyed the brief footage of Spelunker"s Cave. I had forgotten about that ride. It was always a great respite in the heat of the afternoon.
JackieMae Bishop
2016-07-13 17:31:46
Terrific video - how could I obtain copy
Judy Waddle
2016-07-11 16:35:17
We went for the first time in either 1961 or 1962 - can"t remember. But one thing I do remember is the price - $3.50 each!!! It was fun!!
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