dee gilbreath
2017-11-15 19:44:09
I would like to have early photos of sheriff slim gabrel how can I get this done???
Jennifer Sarchet
2015-12-28 04:56:24
Thank for the stock footage. My grandmother was Meadows first victim, Linda Cougat. This footage has helped in the discovery of my family"s history.
Summer Minze
2015-10-08 02:33:32
Pattrick Lewis if you could please contact me I would love to chat with you about Johnny. He was my grandfather. I am trying to get my family tree together and you might be the closest link to helping me in my search. my email is
Pattrick Lewis
2015-02-26 16:39:06
Johnny Meadows is my uncle. He may be dead now, I"m not sure. He is my mother"s brother. I don"t think I ever met him. I was born in 1968 and have no memory of ever seeing him. I do remember, however, in 1982, when his first parole consideration came up, he contacted my mother and asked if, in the event that he was paroled, would he be allowed to stay at our house during his continued rehabilitation. I suppose he was hoping that if my parents agreed, that would help his chances with the parole board. As expected, my mother and father absolutely denied that request, adding that if he ever came near our home or family, he would be arrested... or worse. My dad would have never allowed that. I remember hearing my father talk to Johnny on the phone, listening to one side of the conversation. My father was very clear. Johnny"s siblings... my mother and another sister and 2 brothers... are (were) all decent people. And to myself and the rest of my family... this is a strange, unfortunate and fascinating piece of our family history. I hope he dies in prison.
Catherine Brown
2014-06-04 05:02:00
I am very much interested in this web site.
Catherine Brown
2014-06-02 20:55:11
I am the widow of Chief Deputy Morris W. Brown of Andrews County Texas, under deceased Wayne Farmer.One of the women Johnny Meadows killed was from Andrews, Texas. Andrews County also worked on the case for a body was dump behind an oil company office in Andrews, Texas. My husband was one of the founders of the Chief Association of the State of Texas. I am interested in cases and their outcome.
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