2013-04-02 17:10:06
Thanks, Mary, we"ll update the date for the film. What I meant by identifying anyone onscreen was if you can identify yourself or other children in the movie? From when you were kids? If you could point anyone out and the time they"re in the movie, we can add names to the video. Thanks again!
2013-04-01 20:17:55
The year would have been 1948 or 1949. The comment from 'Liz' is from my daughter. She is the one who alerted me to this site. The uncle she mentions is my older brother, who was the one who took me to the film shooting.
M Fendley
2013-04-01 19:57:17
Mary, this is great information, thank you! Is there anyone, including yourself, that you could identify onscreen at a specific time so that we can tag the video? Do you remember what year this was? Thank to all of you for commenting!
2013-04-01 19:27:35
Tom, you are correct concerning the Pennsylvania Dutch influence on the pronunciation of English words. However, most of us city kids lacked the typical 'Dutch' accent. The country folk definitely spoke with a heavy accent, as for most of them, their primary language was Pennsylvania Dutch, which was spoken at home. All that being said, THIS DEFINITELY IS ALLENTOWN, PA. I know, because I am in the film. It was filmed in West Park and I recognize the setting & 1 or 2 of the other children. I remember the filming session & showing at, I believe, the Towne Theater at 6th & Gordon St. (My home was at 5th & Gordon St.) After the movie was over, many parents were dissatisfied, because their children didn"t have a speaking part & like me, only appeared in a few scenes running around. They complained & demanded their money back.
2013-03-30 05:00:08
This is Allentown. I just watched it with my uncle who grew up there and he said my mother was in it.
2013-02-13 01:47:18
This not likely Allentown PA.There is a strong Pennsylvania Dutch influence and accent in this area.A native would pronounce the a in Allentown like the a in call.Town would be pronounced like don with a t.I find none of that here.
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