bob white
2019-05-27 14:32:17
My family is from around George West and freer
2017-04-26 16:42:46
WHY DO THE LEASES ON THE KING RANCH HaVE HINOJOSA Names and how did they get them is my question,i,ve read adverse possesion and tax forefiture, i had family also work on the king ranch the pancho herrera family he was a coporale is the way i was told ranch boss
Juan Manue Casas
2016-07-12 19:29:16
Very informative video. My great-grandfather, Federico Villalba came to Aldama in Northern Chihuahua in 1880. He came across the Rio Bravo that was now called the Rio Grande by the Texans. He settled in the Big Bend. He named his ranch Rancho Barras. Barras was his great-grandmother"s surname who was born in France. All of his six children were born in Texas, his five boys in Fort Davis and his daughter, my grandmother, in Marfa. Eventually the National Park Service bought the ranch for pennies on the dollar. Federico"s story is found on a plaque erected near the cemetery in Terlingua where he and his son, Jacobo.
Patricia Blair
2016-07-12 12:39:09
Loved it!
Maria Victoria Ozuna Gadd
2015-04-27 23:35:21
Enjoyed this video immensely. My father, Santos Garcia Ozuna, and his brothers Manuel, Lupe, and Cipriano were vaqueros from Starr CO. in the early 1900"s. My mother"s uncle, Felix Vera, who worked for the Guerra Ranches,taught them as youngsters. My father loved the ranch life, and even though he moved to the Edinburg farming community later in his life, he spoke so fondly of his vaquero days! Thank you so much!
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