Genre or Film Type
In the TAMI library, "genre" describes more than the categories of feature films that we all know and love, such as western, action, or comedy. Our collections contain a whole range of moving image production types, from advertisements to government films to home movies. What type of film do you want to watch today?
Newsreels were produced from 1910 through the 1960s.  With a running time of about ten minutes, they contained multiple news segments covering recent events.  Studios released the newsreels to movie theaters twice a week to run before the feature attraction.
A collection of bits, pieces, and parts of finished film and television productions
PSAs aim to convey an important message to the viewer, encouraging responsible or charitable behavior. They are often sponsored by government organizations or other groups.
News, interviews, and other television programs, all originally intended for broadcast television.
These films provided training for new employees as well as portray team building, safety improvement, and problem-solving methods at various workplaces.