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Moody Park Riot Big 2 News Special Report (1978)
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    Sara Lowrey reports live from Memorial Northwest Hospital to check in with her KPRC colleagues Phil Archer and Jack Cato, who were both injured during the riot
    Roger O’Neil, who arrived on the scene after Archer and Cato were taken to the hospital, provides a timeline of events
    Alan Parcell continues the report, speaking with owners whose storefronts were looted and damaged
    Press conference with Mayor Jim McConn the morning after the incident
    Texas State Representative Ben Reyes joins Ron Stone in the studio to share his first-person account
    Eugene Mendoza, who was at the celebration as a member of the Mexican American Educational Council, speaks with reporter Tony Bruni about what caused the violence
    25:31 Statement from Travis Morales, leader of a small group called People United Against Police Brutality