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America Honors Arabia (1947)
Chip Richie
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    President Harry Truman invites Saud, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, to a luncheon at the White House
    Mount Vernon
    Meeting with James Byrnes, who served as US Secretary of State from 1945 to 1947
    New York City
    Around Princeton, New Jersey
    Departing flight at LaGuardia Airport
    Arrival in Kansas City
    Touring the Texaco facility in Port Arthur
    Texas A&M University President Gibb Gilchrist leads Prince Saud and his party on a tour of the university’s agricultural and livestock facilities
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Los Angeles, California
    On set in Hollywood
    San Francisco, California
    Chicago, Illinois
    Detroit, Michigan
    Back in Washington to meet with President Truman in the Oval Office
    Shaking hands with General George Marshall, who served as US Army Chief of Staff, US Special Envoy to China, President of the American Red Cross, and US Secretary of Defense. At the time, he had just assumed office as US Secretary of State.