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The Weidman Collection - Big 2 News Lunar Landing 10th Anniversary Broadcast (1979)
Larry Weidman
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    Cindy Martin opens the broadcast from the Mission Control Center at the Johnson Space Center in Houston
    Larry Weidman looks back at Apollo 11
    Dr. Charles Berry recounts his experience monitoring the health of the Apollo 11 astronauts during the mission
    Ron Stone reports on the dedication of Tranquility Park earlier that day
    Bob Buckalew considers the tourist appeal of Johnson Space Center
    Davis Boles on the study of lunar samples
    Mike Capps delivers an update in the federal trial of Walter Plaster and John Stephen White, two former Houston police officers accused of violating the civil rights of Billy Keith Joyvies. On July 11, 1975, Plaster and White responded to a report that Joyvies had stolen a toolbox from a parked truck. Following a 30-mile, high-speed chase, the officers fatally shot Joyvies. Prosecutors argued that Plaster and White planted a gun in Joyvies' car to justify the shooting and make it appear as if he were armed and had fired at police. An internal police investigation traced the gun found in Joyvies's car to an officer who had earlier been killed in the line of duty. Judge John Singleton condemned the actions of Plaster and White as "improper and shocking," but acquitted the defendants on July 25, 1979, ruling that the government failed to prove specific intent. 
    Reactions to the resignation of James Schlesinger as US Secretary of Energy
    Police shooting in Deer Park
    Tension between the Houston City Council and US Department of Justice
    Meteorologist Doug Johnson delivers his weather forecast from meteorological offices at the Johnson Space Center
    Interview with NASA meteorologist Dick Siler
    Update on Tropical Storm Claudette, which made landfall near the Texas-Louisiana border on July 23, causing significant flooding in the area
    Bill Worrell delivers the sports report from the Astrodome. He begins by interviewing Bob Aspromonte, a third basement for the Houston Colt .45s (renamed the Houston Astros in 1965) during the franchise's first seven seasons. 
    Stone closes the broadcast, considering how Apollo 11 bolstered national pride