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Wedding Cake Liberation Event (2005)
Happy Foundation
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    Heath Riddles, director of development at the Lesbian/Gay Rights Lobby of Texas, talks about Texas Proposition 2 and what it means for the state's LGBTQ community
    Elena Guajardo, the first openly gay candidate to win a seat on San Antonio City Council
    Gene Elder, founder and archive director of the Happy Foundation, advocates for the personal curation of LGBTQ materials
    Toby Johnson describes the efforts made by him and his partner, Kip Dollar, to achieve legal recognition of their relationship by the state. On March 27, 1991, the couple appeared at the Travis County Courthouse alongside another same-sex couple, Danalynn Recer and Pamela Voekel, to apply for marriage licenses. County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir denied the request, but used the occasion to publicly support legislation then under consideration that would remove gender from the state's marriage laws. Two years later, Austin City Council voted to change the definition of "spouse" in the city's personnel policy, thereby extending some benefits to domestic partners of non-married city employees and mandating the creation of a Travis County domestic partners registry. On October 11, Johnson and Kip became the first male couple to register as domestic partners in Texas. (Voters repealed the benefit extensions by referendum in 1994, but the registry remained.) After Obergefell v. Hodges enacted marriage equality in 2015, the couple wed on March 16, 2018—their 34th anniversary. 
    Dollar warns of the legal repercussions of the proposition's ultimate wording