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The Burton Gilliam Show, Episode 19 (1999)
Art Greenhaw
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1999 |
| English
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    Intro music from the show's house band, The Dallahachie Boys
    Host Burton Gilliam talks about filming Mi Amigo (2002)
    "Shadow Man"
    Frank Halovanic, the episode's primary guest, waits in the background
    Gilliam introduces Halovanic, a founding member of the Dallas Harmonica Trio
    Halovanic demonstrates a chromatic harmonica
    The Dallas harmonica Trio performs
    Halovanic introduces the other two members of the group, Jerl Welch and John Halovanic
    Commercial for the National Cultural Alliance, featuring Calista Flockhart
    Welch talks about HOOT, the Harmonica Organization of Texas
    Different types of harmonicas
    Commerical for United Way
    Gilliam joins the trio to perform another song