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Austin Airwaves - Katrina Alternative Media Project (2005)
Jim Ellinger
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2005 |
| English
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    A mom and son dance while the reporter announces that 93.5 KAMP-FM is at the Astrodome broadcasting to survivors in Katrina to "get the word out" and help survivors communicate with the world
    Passing out radios
    A mother tells how her 22-year-old son was taken from the Superdome in New Orleans to a shelter in California to the Astrodome, but she has not heard anything from him since.
    Racial biases surrounding looting
    Nhi, a musician who had been walking around the Astrodome entertaining the disparaged "Dome City" survivors, plays a song he wrote about Katrina on the air. Nhi was a US military site manager in Iraq and was one of the first to write a song about the hurricane. The song is called "I'm Wishing You Were Here With Me" and is dedicated to the victims of Katrina.
    View inside the Astrodome
    A reporter describes some of the damage from Katrina
    KAMP broadcasts an evacuee's story and inspirational words on the air. He then plays a song on the guitar and sings a gospel song.
    Voicing frustrations about the lack of government help